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College Application Waiver Trading
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Welcome to waivertrade!

About This Community

For some of us, applying to colleges is a huge financial burden. Although many colleges offer free on-line applications, others will only accept waivers, which are sometimes hard to come by. That's where this community comes in.

You can use waivertrade to "donate" application fee waivers you've received but don't plan on using to other students in the same boat. It only costs 37¢ to mail a letter in the U.S., and that 37¢ you spend can help someone else save as much as $75 come application time. In return, you might be able to find a waiver or two that someone else can give you to use!

How This Works

• Every member is automatically allowed one fee request just for joining. This is only fair — we can't have one person getting all the waivers.

• For each waiver you give to someone else (not just offered), you will be allowed to receive one more waiver. This is also only fair — if you've been generous enough to share, you should be rewarded for it.

• You must "compensate" the person you get your waiver from in some way. You can do this by buying them a Paid Account, making them an icon set, getting them something off their Amazon wish list, or whatever else you both agree upon. Remember: They're saving you lots of money, so spending a few dollars to say thanks isn't that big a deal. Donors can turn down compensation if they don't really want anything in return.

The offerer has the right to pick which requestor gets the waiver. Because of this, be sure to explain why you want to apply to the school so badly! We're working on an honor system here, so please don't request a waiver unless you a) genuinely intend on planning to the college and b) really need the financial help.


Do not post entries asking for waivers — wait for someone to offer.

Always exercise caution. If you are at all uncomfortable with giving out your address, this community is not for you. Always check with your parents before giving someone your address. Only give out addresses through e-mail, instant message, or some other private method. Do not post your addresses in this community.

No making multiple accounts to join. Anyone doing this will automatically have each account removed from the community, and we reserve the right to mock you endlessly for being a greedy, evil jerk.

Make sure to clearly explain what each waiver is for! Some waivers are only for freshman applicants, applicants with certain credentials, minority students, etc. Some also have the name or I.D. number of the person it was intended for on the waiver somewhere. Don't share things that you doubt can be used by other people.

Always mention expiration dates. That's a no-brainer.

Finding Offered Waivers

To make finding offered waivers as easy as possible, this community uses its Memories as a directory. You can access the Memories at the following URL:


Alternatively, you can use the browsing tags found on the left-hand side of the community's main page.

Community Guidelines

This is a very relaxed community. All I ask is that you:

1) Stay on-topic — if it's not about waivers, it doesn't belong here!
2) Don't post promotions for other communities — try community_promo for that.
3) Don't flame (though, really, why would you?).
4) Absolutely no marquees or wildly blinking images. Those of us with visual impairment thank you.

That's it! Just some common sense rules; nothing major at all.

Maintainer Info

This community is maintained by beginning (Ashley). If you need to reach her about something, please use her USERNAMEHERE@LiveJournal.com e-mail address.

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